Thinking Out Loud: “Awkward Sally”, Quantum physics for dummies, desert Sharmen and that one time I thigh slapped my gynae.

Seeing as this is my second post and we are still getting acquainted I thought I would share a little something about myself that only my best friend knows, we’ve never actually discussed it, it has just always been self-evident to both of us but now, I am letting you in on it as well: I have an alter ego and no, she ain’t no Sasha Fierce. There are tons of psychological definitions for the “alter ego” but I’m simply going to stick with the urban dictionary definition which defines it as “Someone you’re usually not”, which is perfect because I can’t find a description more fitting for “Awkward Sally”, my alter ego, she is someone I am usually not.
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Thinking Out Loud: Long Island Iced Teas, The Game of Thrones Anxiety and why I think I’m one YouTube video away from waking up in a white padded room.


So the past week Thailand experienced some of the coldest temperatures in decades, it’s usually very warm and humid throughout most of the year, the average temperature in winter is usually around 25⁰c so when the temperature dropped down to around 8⁰c, it might as well have dropped to the negatives. I wasn’t even prepared. When I left South Africa, 8 months ago, I didn’t pack anything that had any association with winter. No boots, jackets, coats, scarves etc. I do however own more bikinis than I’ll ever need, you can never have too many though, right? If we talking about crop tops, shorts, tank tops, cover-ups and sundresses, mini skirts and LBDs then I’m your girl. Continue reading