Thinking Out Loud: Long Island Iced Teas, The Game of Thrones Anxiety and why I think I’m one YouTube video away from waking up in a white padded room.


So the past week Thailand experienced some of the coldest temperatures in decades, it’s usually very warm and humid throughout most of the year, the average temperature in winter is usually around 25⁰c so when the temperature dropped down to around 8⁰c, it might as well have dropped to the negatives. I wasn’t even prepared. When I left South Africa, 8 months ago, I didn’t pack anything that had any association with winter. No boots, jackets, coats, scarves etc. I do however own more bikinis than I’ll ever need, you can never have too many though, right? If we talking about crop tops, shorts, tank tops, cover-ups and sundresses, mini skirts and LBDs then I’m your girl.

Also regarding the weather, I know that I live in a foreign country and I am somewhat used to awkward textbook conversation starters but “So, how’s the weather?” was simply unnecessary. It’s 8⁰c, do you not feel the weather happening right now, as we speak?


Justin Bieber has me.  However, I. WILL. NOT. REFER. TO. MYSELF. AS. A. BELIEBER. His latest album is really cool, baby Bieber is showing some maturity and growth in his music so I guess it’s time I stop calling him “Baby Bieber” and “Justice Beaver”. Whatever.


On an unrelated note, they need to keep the new Bachelor away from me. He needs to stay over there. Over the seas. For his own safety. He is all sorts. I have made the observation that out of all the crazies they have had on that exceedingly intellectually stimulating show, the current group of women are really a special bunch.  But I also understand that this is one of the youngest bachelors they’ve ever had, he is 26, most of the ladies vying for his final rose are around 22/23 and I remember being 22 like it was yesterday, you think you are grown up but speaking from experience, the lights only start switching on at 23, so many of them are really only starting to grow into themselves. Add the pressure of competing with 27 other women for one man, having to live with these women who all have different personalities and characteristics, having the cameras on you 24 hours a day plus access to an unlimited amount of alcohol, I am not surprised that there is a lot of crying and “day drunkness”. But back to Bachelor Ben, just, you know, keep him away.



I am pleased to announced that I noticed that we aren’t starting our sentences with “that awkward moment” anymore. Yay, for humans.




I have serious anxiety every time I see or hear anything that has to do with the new season of The Game of Thrones, I am a couple of seasons behind, It’s been so long I don’t even know for sure how many I’ve missed and most notably, I don’t remember what was happening when I last watched. It’s a complicated show, you know? Apparently Einstein once said that if you can’t explain something to a five year old, then you don’t understand it yourself and I can’t argue with that. I understand the individual story lines but, um, I don’t really get the whole picture. Seriously, what’s happening? I see myself having to start from the beginning because all I remember is the Stark family being kind of displaced after the dad’s head is decapitated, the forced marriage lovefest between Khaleesi and Drogo, the dragons, Jon Snow, the giant lady and the little Stark kid who dreams of wolves (I think), the little girl pretending to be a boy, the evil blond kid king, his devious mother and evil uncles (Peter Dinklage and the other one whose arm was amputated) and the wolves. That’s pretty much it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot… “winter is coming” which I just recently found out has nothing to do with seasonal changes. Anxiety.


I honestly understand that in order for YOUTUBE to make money and be profitable they have to show adverts (I think, that is why they have the ads right? Revenue, right?) and now they have gone as far as removing the “skip ad” option on our cellular devices which I don’t really mind that much but I do have a problem with having the same advert showing animated animals beatboxing and rapping coming up over and over again, after very single song, in very single playlist for two weeks without fail. It’s enough to drive me close to insanity. So I went ahead and wrote a very strong worded email in which I told them that if their intention is to drive me to crazy, they are succeeding. They haven’t replied but I haven’t seen the ad in a minute so I guess someone heard my cry. I swear If I hear or see an animated goat say “now it’s time for our rap up” I’m going to wake up in a white padded room.

While we are on the topic of emails, please take a moment to pray for my landlord who is going to receive an email from me that I’ve had to edit 4 times as I start to feel less and less annoyed. He thought it was a smart idea to bring in workers to fix the tiles during the weekend! Are you kidding me? Saturday and Sunday mornings are for sleeping in, because on all the other days we have to wake up early to go to work, to make money so we can pay you the rent at the end of the month, mister. Also a warning or notification would be appreciated next time.


I take my emails every seriously ever sense I emailed Starbucks Thailand complaining, well there were more compliments then complains, that the Starbucks in my little town in the North East of Thailand, where no one ever goes, only serves pastries with their delicious coffees and teas and that I know for sure that Starbucks offers salads, sandwiches and a different range of things to eat while one is enjoying their white chocolate latte (decaf), myself in particular. And within three days they had added new eats to the menu and they also gave me a free drink and a refill. Since then I write emails all the damn time. Tweets also work but I find that more often than not, I have quite a lot to say, so 140 characters doesn’t quite do it for me.

Speaking of Starbucks, their Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha gives life to the children. Decaf, of course, if I have even a sip of caffeine, I’m wake for 10 days straight. And insomnia isn’t your friend, remember in “Fightclub” (First rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB) it was the insomnia that triggered The Narrator’s split personality disorder and he went on to create all that mayhem (see what I did there?)


I’ve still got Making a Murderer on my mind. First things first, after seeing how the court of public opinion had already prosecuted Oscar Pistorius way before his trial even began, myself included, I have to say that I am glad that we don’t have a jury system in South Africa and that people who have legal knowledge and understanding are the ones that get to make the final decisions because regardless of the crime, everyone deserves a fair trial. Humans are easily influenced and persuaded so there has to be an objective system in place based on logical deductions and the protection of the Constitution which guards our human rights. Just thinking about all the information the prosecution team was putting in the media about the case, it’s hard to believe that members of that jury come in there completely open minded. They put out all the gory details about how the girl was allegedly murdered and painted Steven and his nephew as monsters’ way before the trial even began. Besides this, I have a feeling that there is much more to this story then we know and I would like to believe that the truth always comes out in the end, it might not be today or tomorrow but eventually the whole truth will surface and I have a feeling that whatever that truth may be it will shock everyone, I’m not one for conspiracies but I have a feeling that the actual truth is something out of a conspiracy novel.



I’ve been in Asia too long, I just started listening to Fetty Wap. Trap Queen is well within all of my playlists; even my Whitney, Mariah and Luther playlist, which makes absolute sense to me because it’s actually a love song, right? Oh god, I can’t believe I just said that. Forget I said anything.



I’m reading Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design which surprisingly feels more like second year Philosophy rather than high school physics which I dig because I don’t do well with calculations and formulas but I’m a concept and theory kind of girl. Use words, draw me a picture, a mind map, throw in some scenarios then I’m good but as soon as I see numbers, I check out. I’m a smart girl but we all have our strengths and weaknesses. What I love about this book is that it’s written brilliantly yet in simple terms, and it seeks to answer some the age old questions like “why are here?”, “what is reality? What is real?” and is there a grand design to the universe like some kind of blueprint that explains all the mysteries of the universe, which is why for me it feels more like philosophy then psychics in the way I have experienced it in the past. Hawking does say at the beginning of the book that modern day physicists are philosophers because they are seeking answers to the same questions philosophers have been debating for centuries, he goes all the way back to the ancient Greek philosophers. I am actually even more inspired to travel to West Africa to study what ancient African thinkers were debating regarding these mysteries. Timbuktu, I’m coming for ya.

Completely unrelated, I am thinking of taking a 2 and a half hour trip to the biggest city in the North East of The Land of a Thousand Smiles, Khon Kaen, in search of this month’s Elle, Cosmo and Marie Claire magazines, the English bookstore, a cinema that shows English films (reading subtitles for 90-120 minutes hurts my eyes and I just sit there waiting for the movie to end already. Also watching dubbed movies is only funny the first time) and of course, a Long Island Iced tea. Not in any particular order but the Long Island will probably come first. 😉


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