Feminist Rant from A Very Angry Black Woman: I am not here for misogyny and patriarchy.

Stop Telling Me What to Do!

Note: Not all men are bigots/ chauvinists/idiots/ violent/misogynists. I shouldn’t have to say that the following personal opinion essay is speaking in general but here it is: I am speaking in general. 

I read a Facebook post a couple of weeks ago that pissed me off so much, I throw my phone across the room. It survived. I was so pissed that I had to force myself not to reply to it at that moment because my response would have been loud and filled with profanities and I didn’t want what I had to say to be ignored because my comment would have read something like: Go fuck yourself, how about you go fuck yourself, also please go fuck yourself. So I decided to take a couple of WEEKS to cool off before I could address it, but I won’t lie, I can feel myself getting angry again as I type this.  Continue reading