The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.


I love the festive season. Really do. I have absolutely no relation to the Grinch, so without a doubt, this is my favourite time of the year. The reasons are endless. In the year I spent living in Thailand, this was the one time where I truly missed home (minus that time I had convinced myself that I had Dengue fever and needed my mom there to be paranoid with me. She’s worse than WebMD). Thailand is a Buddhist country so December might as well be one those useless months that no one really care for like January and July. I even had to work on Christmas and at the school assembly in the morning, all the foreign teachers had to stand in front and tell the learners how Christmas is being celebrated in our respective countries. I’ll admit I wasn’t the best ambassador for my country because all I said was that we spend the day with our families and in the evening, we go out, meet up with friends and drink. Then I walked away, I felt like I should have been given the day off. It’s Christmas, bathong. Needless to say, no teaching happened that day. What really broke my heart was when my brother video called me from my gran’s house and lord knows the fastest way to break me is to involve Mma Miesie, my Koko. She has my heart. Thank God this year, I’m home and I can’t wait to break bread with my loved ones, I know with my family it will involve loads of yummy food, liquor and loads of banter. Good Times.

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