On 2017, Afropunk and Resolutions

I love how as a society, out of all the days we give meaning to, we have one that we decided would be our day of “starting over”. We give ourselves an imaginary refresh button or a clean slate. We take a minute to reflect on the past year, we usually call it trash (2017 really was though), pick out a couple of highlights which we are grateful for, express relief for being alive to see the new year and we make lists of all the ways we want to do better in the next year. Most of our listed resolutions never actually get resolved but the fun part of it all is that if you are alive to see the clock strike midnight on the 31st December each year, you get to make new ones and again lie to yourself that this time, you really will go the gym at least 4 times a week and cut down on the carbs (wine is a carb, my friends). I too have a list of resolutions and wishes for 2018, I’m praying to God, the universe, my ancestors, my living ancestors, the force (who else has been to watch the new Star Wars movie? It’s quite good, right?), the holy spirit, the gods of money, sex and travel and any form of higher power to help me be a better person and stick to them.

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